iftc 2022

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Organized by Wageningen University and the VICTAM Foundation

News: Wageningen University to host the 2nd International Feed Technology Congress (IFTC 2022) during VICTAM International 2022, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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IFTC 2022: 31 May/1 June 2022, Utrecht, the Netherlands


The 2nd International Feed Technology Congress (IFTC 2022), organized by Wageningen University and the VICTAM Foundation will be held from 31 May/1 June 2022 during the VICTAM International 2022 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

            After the successful 1st edition, brought together 120 researchers from 26 different countries of all continents in Cologne, Germany, the 2nd edition again will focus on bringing together researchers from universities, research institutions and industry to discuss the latest developments in feed technology. During the 1st IFTC, valorization of raw materials by technology, current process developments and outcomes of feed technology with respect to feed formulation were major topics. A special Workshop was organized to discuss current and future issues of importance in feed manufacturing technology. Contributions and the results of the Workshop were recently published as a special issue of the ‘Animal Feed Science & Technology’ journal. The successful format of the 1st IFTC will guarantee high quality presentations by world-renowned experts, open discussions, and publication of the latest scientific and practical developments in feed technology during the 2nd IFTC.

The 2nd IFT Congress will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands during the VICTAM International Exhibition in 2022. Please save the date of the Conference (31 May/1 June 2022) and share this message with your contacts or any person who might be interested in presenting their paper. The topics of the conference and speakers will be published soon.

Further announcements on the submission organization will come by August/September 2021.


Join IFTC 2022Join IFTC 2022

The 2nd edition of the IFTC conference will be held during VICTAM International 2022 from May 31 - June 2, 2022. The exact date of the conference will be announced shortly. You will have the opportunity to listen to presentations of some of the top speakers within the industry. For any questions or information, please e-mail info@iftc.onlinePlease note that the registration is part of VICTAM International 2022 and you that will be re-directed to their registration system. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge. A fee will be charged for the conference.

Program IFTC 2022Program IFTC 2022

Themes of the 2nd IFTC

For the themes of the Congress, the Scientific Committee especially likes to add the pet- and aqua-food to the IFTC program since feed technology provides additional value (and expenses) for these two industries; the Committee also likes to learn from neighboring technologies in e.g. the food industries.


The themes for the 2nd IFTC are:

1. New technologies

New ones with or without a typical link to the animal feed industry or certain ingredients of animal species. We need scientifically to learn from all kinds of technologies e.g. from the food sector, from the sensor technology, pet food technology, etc. .


2. Effects of processing on (anti)nutrients, nutrient digestibility, feeding value

We could focus on the well-known undesired substances/nutrients (how to improve feeding value) but also aspects of physical properties: feed structure, mouth feel, texture, etc. Moreover, the impact on in vivo nutrient digestion and the function of the digestive tract is of interest.

Aspects of sustainability, green technology are welcome but they are results of the previous mentioned subjects and no objectives as such.


3. Technology with respect to pre-mixtures/additives/bio-active substances

Especially spraying techniques, coating techniques for mash/pellets (representing also a large industry) is a promising subject for the IFT Conference. Both the preparation of the pre-mixtures and additives and their usage in the feed mill are important for the final feed quality.

Around September 2021 further announcements on the organization of the submission of contributions for the 2nd IFTC will come; please share this information and save the dates with your contacts or any person who might be interested in attending the conference and presenting their paper or poster.




Advisory and scientific committeesAdvisory and scientific committees

Advisory Committee:
- Prof. Dr. W.H. Hendriks (Wageningen University)
- Prof. L.A. den Hartog (Victam Foundation)

                              Scientific Committee:
- Dr M. Abdollahi (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
- Dr H. Cheng (Beijing, China)
- Prof. dr. R. Zijlstra (Edmonton, Canada) 
- Prof. dr M. Eeckhout (Genth, Belgium) 
- Dr. D. Miladinovic (├ůs, Norway)
- Dr A.F.B. van der Poel (Wageningen, the Netherlands)


Practical Information


The IFTC 2022 will be held at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands.